Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's been a while, I know. I'm a very bad blogger. Shhhhh.. don't tell anyone. I've made it through my first big holiday alone. Jack and I had a wonderful thanksgiving and were happy to spend it with extended family since we couldn't have daddy. I think in total over the past 3 days, I've eaten the amount equal to a full turkey. But man, was it yummy. A recent FRG update stated that Jeff was able to enjoy a pretty normal holiday, in the culinary aspect at least. His meal was complete with many variations of turkey, and of course some mouth watering desserts. However, I would say they had a special topping that we here on the homefront did not, sand. None the less, it's good that our soldiers celebrated too.

Jack is practically glued to me today. He wants no part of his swing, or his play mat, or anything else I've tried to present with an excited face. I think he gets like this when he misses his daddy. We've got to SEE daddy a lot in the past couple days thanks to a recent improvement on the FOB. Personal internet! Jeff now has access to internet on his personal computer in his room. Which has allowed for another new benefit, webcam. Jack and I can see him and he can see us. It is wonderful! People may think I'm crazy, but Jack knows that's his daddy on there. Just like he knows when Jeff calls. His big blue eyes just light up and he kicks and coos and grunts. It melts my heart every time. There's nothing like that father/son bond and distance doesn't change it, that's for sure. I love my boys!

Today is supposed to be cleaning day for me but my son's clinging has put that on hold. He comes first, the dusting and sweeeping will still be there tomorrow. But at 2 months going on 20 years, Jack is growing too fast. I'm going to cherish every minute he still wants me to comfort him, because I know there will be a day he'll have to comfort me.

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