Monday, November 23, 2009

Early Bird

Up with my baby boy this morning, as usual. And It's a lovely morning. Regardless of the fact that I am still very tired, and regardless of the fact that Jack woke me up to eat a measely ounce of formula before falling back asleep, I am happy.

These past few days have shown me how blessed I am. I have a wonderful family on both Jeff and I's sides. I have a great little "Jasper" in Jack, for all you Twilight-ers, that keeps my calm and collected when I feel like falling apart. A husband that loves me unconditionally and wholey. Most of all, God has blessed me with serenity. Laughter calms my soul. I know there are things that are impossible to change in the world. But I can however, change the way I react to these things. And it is in this that i have come to find peace.

Yesterday was a day filled with Christmas music, flour, sugar, milk, eggs, pecans, chocolate, peanut butter, and the list goes on and on. You name it, we made it into a cookie. Fudge of all flavors and Rice Krispie Treats were among the fruits of our labor as well. I've never seen some many cookies in one place in my life. The whole kitchen counter filled with ingredients and mixers, bowls of dough. The oven, at any given time filled with 4 cookie sheets of rounded yummy-ness baking. The rather large dining table overflowing with cookie covered cooling racks and tubs ready to be filled with the finished product. I must say that this baking extravanganza was a new and eye-opening experience for me. Coming from a small family where none of the women really like to cook that often, I have always associated cooking/baking with work. I have always thought of it as something that you had to do, not wanted to do. But I will tell you I have never had so much fun in a kitchen as I did in Michelle's yesterday. Singing our hearts out to Christmas carols. Inhaling that intoxicating smell of warm cookie dough in the oven. Opening the door to feel the cool, brisk air of the approaching winter. Telling stories and laughing with family about anything and everything. I encourage you to bake with your family. Set aside a day. Do it up right. You don't have to bake cookies, it can be anything you want. Just do it. If not for the satisfaction of accomplishing a recipe, do it for the fellowship and the love involved. It's amazing how sweet a little sugar can be!

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