Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 16: Jack's First Day of Preschool

I can't believe that is the title I get to write today. Just over three years ago, I was holding him in my arms as I introduced him to his daddy. I once came across quote about parenthood that has been my favorite ever since. It said "You are the best adventure." I haven't heard anything about parenthood more true than that. Jack and Jonah are my absolute best adventure, but today Jack started a big adventure of his own.


Jack Jack,

You are the best adventure. My first born. I never knew how much I could love, until I loved you. You started a new adventure today. It will be scary sometimes, fun other times, and there will always be something new that you are supposed to learn. There are other kids at school. Some will want to play with you, some won't. Some kids will be good at coloring, other kids are good at dancing, or building towers. Sometimes you might get frustrated at school, and that's okay. Your daddy and I want you to know that we aren't sending you to school to become the best color-er, or the best dancer, or the best builder of the tallest towers. We don't care about that one bit. We are sending you to school to practice being brave, being kind, and being you. Keep being you. That's the most important thing. Learn how to be you even when others make it hard. You, Jackie James, are sweet, you are the best hugger I know, you are the bestest friend your little brother could ever have, you make the best pretend turkey sandwich I've ever pretend tasted. You are smart, you are quick as a whip, and you are goofy. You are the only you in the world, I can assure you of that. Mommy and Daddy will be brave too, we will remember that you are ready to fly and share yourself and your gifts with the world even if we still see you as that 8 pound baby we were blessed with some years ago. We will be your biggest fans, loudest cheerleaders, and that voice in your head saying "you can do it, Jack Jack".

We love you more than there stars in the sky, we'll love you longer than the universe could ever last, and our love for you is as dependable as the "shun being awaked" every morning!

Forever and always little man,

Love Mommy and Daddy.


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