Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 15: A Whole Half a Month

Know what that means? We are about 6% done.

Woo, *happy dance*

Today wasn't that exciting. I spent seven hours in the car out-numbered by two toddlers and a crazy pup. A lesser woman wouldn't have attempted it but it was a breeze.. Haha, I hope you didn't fall for that one.


I knew it was going to be an interesting day when Jonah wanted to help me get ready this morning.


Yes, that's my hairbrush in his mouth. Hehe, goofy boy.
About halfway through the drive I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw this
That blob of blanket is covering a sleeping 3-year-old who assured me he wasn't tired up until the very second he fell asleep. I only looked in the mirror because I heard Jonah say "nigh nigh, luh you". My children are the cutest, not that I'm biased or anything. In all honesty, I think Jack went to sleep out of pure confusion and exhaustion. As soon as we left my mom's this morning he started telling me that we needed to go to our house and daddy was at our house playing his game (the X-box is what I assume he meant). I explained to him that daddy wasn't there but he didnt believe me. He got angry and upset and went straight into another "I MISS YOU DADDY" screaming fit while clutching his daddy doll. That is one of the most heart-wrenching sounds I've had to endure hearing in my lifetime. He finally reduced to sobbing and fell asleep saying "I not tired mom".
When Jack woke up I decided to stop at a rest area to let us all out to stretch our legs (and let out the heavy sadness that seemed to be lingering in the car from knowing we were going home to an empty house).
I think they felt much better after getting out and running around for a bit. We stopped for lunch shortly after that, I swear these boys could eat constantly if I let them. I thought the "eating machine" phase didn't come until they were teenagers? Apparently, their eating habits are the same age as their attitudes.
We stopped at Kroger's on the way home for a short grocery trip. I knew I had almost nothing in the house, so it was necessary.
After that I came home and made dinner for my boys and our friends. I must say it was great to see them after being away for a week. We aren't used to going more than a few days without our families getting together. The boys destroyed played in the playroom. And Nicole, Stephen and I laughed until we were almost in tears. Jack flipping out and running to retrieve his nose when Stephen would "steal" it was pretty funny. But Nicole took the cake tonight. I kid you not our conversation went like this:
Me: "My birthday is easy to remember because it's a holiday"
Nicole: I know it's Cinco de Mayo but I don't know when that is"
*commence giggling now*
Stephen and I both laughed so hard it made my face hurt, feels good to laugh that hard sometimes. Hehe, thank you for that Nicole (I hope you don't take offense to my sharing :P )
Seeing as he's the baby, Abel didn't get to play in the playroom with the bigger boys... but he got to sleep, barf, and fart on me, and that seemed to satisfy him enough.
He's just so cute. He discovered Luna tonight. She sat up on the couch beside him and he just grinned, it was adorable.
Time to cuddle up with my husband's shirt and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for the Davis house and a certain 3-year-old (:

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