Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vday fun!

Testing out my fun new iPad blogging app called Blogsy to post this. I like it so far, it has lots of features so I'm still learning how to use it. 
Posting about Valentine's Day a little bit late, but we definitely had a good one. 
Jack, Jonah, and I started our morning with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls.
And I must say, they were yummmmmy. I was even nice enough to let Jack have some (: You can go ahead and just keep ignoring that they turned out looking less like hearts, and more like boobies. 
 The boys and I then finished up our huge card we made for daddy. It's sort of a tradition now, he gets one from me (and now the boys too) every year.

 They actually both had a blast! Jonah was just kinda D.O.N.E. at the end. We used homemade paints so it would be safe for both babies (and the doggies!) if they decided to eat it. Find the recipe for them here! I liked the recipe, and felt safe letting my 7 month old play it the paint. It makes about four different colors liberally. Be careful though if you are using it for something "serious" it tends to cake and crack when it dries. Or maybe that was just because my boys really liked the paint. Either way, it was perfect for our project. 
The afternoon was the best part if the day for us! We got to go pick up daddy. Jack had been talking about it all day. When I said it was time to go, he raced to the door! He put his socks on all by himself and attempted his shoes as well. We got out to the car and as I was putting Jonah in, Jack screamed "Waaaaaaaait! I forget I forget!" and ran back into the house. Before I could stop him he came speeding back out the door carrying the huge card we made saying "I got it mama, no cry!" I love that boy (: 

Seeing my boys reunite with their daddy was the best Valentine's day present I could have ever wished for. They love their daddy. True to our family's fashion, we kept Vday low key. We went out for Chinese food (daddy's choice after eating MRE's for 3 weeks!) and then went to the commissary and Jonah rode in the "cool truck" cart for the first time beside his bubby.
After all that commotion, Jeff and I were getting ready for bed and he surprised me with a gift. Back in 2010, I sent a book to him in Afghanistan called "What I love about you". Written by Kate and David Marshall, this book helps you say what you want to say to you spouse with fill in the blanks. I filled out the book for Jeff 2 years ago on Valentine's Day. This year, he took it with him to field (without me knowing) and filled it out for me!) He gave it to me just before bed on Tuesday. And if it's possible I fell even more in love with him (:

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