Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ew Boogies!

This is what I've been hearing from my two year old all day. Why? Because everyone in this house has "boogies" right now. Whatever the crud is that's going around has caught up with us. Jack seems to be on the tail end of it (taking sudafed, great stuff!), Jonah is just starting to catch it, and I'm somewhere in the middle. But of course I have already made a trip to the ER, insuring that asthma has turned my simple cold into bronchitis. At least I got sent home though (with a bag full of an antibiotic, steroids, and a narcotic cough syrup). I'm not sure what I would have done if they decided to keep me, seeing as Jeff is in the field until next week. *must make a plan for that situation before deployment*.

Jeff seems to be doing fine playing. In the dirt/mud, as he explains it to Jack. He is mostly attending some classes given by their PA and pulling medical coverage for the other units that are out there training. I have been joking around about them coming in for showers (they get an hour to shower and be back) every three days, saying that's how you know the unit is predominantly women. That never happened with the all male unit we came from before. Haha. None the less it's nice to see him every few days even if it is just for an hour.

While daddy's been gone, I have been trying to keep busy, as I usually do. I took the AFTB (Army Family Team Building) instructor course and will soon be completing an interview with the program director so I can start teaching! I am excited and nervous about that, but mostly just happy that I've been allowed the opportunity to help the military community in this way. Specifically spouses, most of you reading this know how much I thoroughly enjoy helping other spouses in any way I can and this will be a great way to continue that. As Alex has said, when you take AFTB you become a huge resource for others. He is so right, I feel compelled to help others not feel so... Lost... Like I once felt. Once again, if you are a new Army spouse, or even if you are not new, you should definitely look into taking AFTB. The Army had provided you with this great program, take advantage of it.

I also have begun to crochet more and more. Friends have found things they like online and ask me to make them for them! It's a challenge, finding the pattern, trying to decipher and modify the pattern to my needs, learning a new stitch with almost every pattern. But I enjoy it! Projects are getting done slower than usual (kind of hard to sit down and do anything with two sick babies) but I'll get them done. I have even sold quite a few headbands so far as well. 11? 12? Not sure anymore. Some have suggested I open a business, an etsy page, a photographer friend of mine has even been helping me out with a logo. And she's offered to help with "advertising" by using my creations as props in her business. Jackie is a wonderful photographer btw. If you are in the Ft Campbell area or Ozark, AL area highly recommend her. Check her work out, -Photography by Jacqueline on Facebook. I can't wait for her to take some pictures of my boys (: Anyways, maybe in the future, I will open an etsy page, I just don't think I'm that good yet. I mean have you seen some of the things people make on etsy, makes me green with creative envy. We will see where things go (: I would definitely need to devote more time to my work though. But as long as Jeff is okay with that, I am too (:

There... I have blogged, may I go to sleep now?
One tired and sick mama named Kate.

P.s. t-4 days until Vday which happens to be the very night my husband comes home (:

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