Monday, September 26, 2011

It's fall!

It finally feels like fall is arriving and I looooooove it! I can't wait for the trees to turn to gorgeous rainbows of burnt oranges, ambers, reds, and caramels that I missed so much last year! Washington's landscape is made of mostly evergreens, not nearly as pretty in the fall.

Fall activites are in full swing around here, we've been getting our house organized and put together (reverse spring cleaning as I like to call it). Today we laid some pea gravel in our front "flowerbed". Not sure what we'd call it now, a gravelbed? We got the the bags for over 50% off because they were busted open. SCORE! Add in a cute little, plastic picket fence and for under $10 the front of our house looks completely different. Now we just have to get some decorations to put in there.

This weekend was busy but great for us! Friday night I hung out with my friend Nicole after Jeff and I put the boys to bed. Nicole is also from my hometown of Chillicothe, OH and it just so happens that her husband (also a soldier) and Jeff and I all went to high school together. So we have very much enjoyed having hometown friends here at Ft. Campbell. Nicole and I ordered Papa John's Pizza (Can you say YUM? Love their garlic sauce!), watched girly shows like "Four Weddings" and "Say yes to the Dress" and I showed her a website that has become her new addiction... Pinterest!

Yesterday was Saturday so we took advantage of the perfect fall weather and headed to a pumpkin patch/petting zoo/corn maze with the Welton family. Only, the pumpkin patch was less of a patch and more of a concrete slab. The petting zoo.. a bunch of animals in small pens. Like this guy.. a zebra + a donkey will aparently give you... a zonkey...
The corn maze was actually a path through a run down corn field but whatever, the kids had fun.
The highlight of Jack and Elly's time at the "pumpkin patch" was running back up the hill after watching the feeding of the catfish. And Amber snapped some great pictures of them.

We also went to the butterfly festival in Oak Grove on Saturday but I haven't gotten my pictures of that uploaded yet. Soon, I promise (:

Today we worked around the house, spent too much money on stuff for the week, and then had The Conaways (Nicole, Stephen, and their son Corbin) over for a cook out "grilled outside but ate inside because storms rolled in" dinner. I tried this recipe for mac-n-cheese and quite frankly I wasn't that impressed. Eh, try a different one next time I suppose.

Tomorrow I start Week 2 of the couch to 5K program. So far I haven't lost much weight with it, but I'm definitely feeling more healthy. Jeff and I are trying hard to eat better and lose some weght. So wish us luck! I think I will add in some yoga, etc to my plan this week.

 Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

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