Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jack's 1st Snowman

This past week, the South Puget Sound has been treated to one last winter treat.


It actually snowed enough to where daddy got off work early on Thursday! We took full advantage and after naptime, we took Jack outside to play. Living in Washington, we don't really have a lot of snow-worthy clothing. But I remembered my mama had given us a pair of Carhartt bibs that had been Avery's. I thought they would be way too big, but I put a pair of sweatpants and a longjohn top on him first and then they fit pretty well.

We had a blast playing outside. Jack had a few issues finding his balance in the bulky layers and slick snow, but he was happy to be outside anyways. He usually hates being cold, so I was really surprised that he didn't whine at all. He didn't even scream when he faceplanted either! haha

We even built a snowman.
(Eh' so he's a little rough around the edges, sue me) 

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