Friday, November 19, 2010

So Sick

Had to take a trip to the ER last night.. I was having a really hard time breathing and my nebulizer albuterol treatments were not helping. And I was coughing so hard my abdomen was starting to cramp... so off i went.

My heart rate was 154. I just could not stop coughing, and I hadn't taken a breathing treatment since several hours before that so they were concerned about the heart rate being THAT high.

They did a chest X-Ray, an EKG, gave me fluids for dehydration, 3 highdose breathing treatments, steriods, antibiotics, a pap smear, a urine sample, did blood tests, an ultrasound, more steriods, more antibiotics, and more fluids. (All the while I'm still hacking).

They were afraid I was having an eptopic pregnancy (I'm not, baby is just fine and where he/she should be), and also afraid because they could not get my heart rate to come down.

Pneumonia and asthma do NOT mix. I was released 8 hours later with steriods and antibiotics. There's not really much they can do other than treat the symptoms.

I get exhausted just walking to the bathroom, My voice is pretty much gone because vocal cords have been traumatized from all the coughing. And the steriods are making me sick because I can't keep very much food down. It's just a mess. I need to get healthy. I'm only 5 1/2 weeks along and baby needs mama healthy so baby can be healthy.
I don't really know what I wanted from you guys when I posted this, I just need prayers and encouragement I guess, cause at this point I feel like my body is giving up on me. And maybe I'm giving up on it. Just want to be healthy and fast!


  1. Oh, how horrible! Praying that you will feel better and get healthy soon!

  2. I'm sending all my positive thoughts your way!! Being sick is NO fun, but I'm sure you'll be on the mend soon. :)