Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nifty Thrifty - Monogrammed Christmas Wreath

After reading about one of my best friend's latest craft adventure, I decided I must follow in her footsteps and make a monogrammed wreath of my own!

Here's mine:
My wreath's total cost ended up being FIVE DOLLARS! That's 20-25% of what a typical 24in wreath costs. Yes, I'm pretty proud of that.
I used suction-cup hooks to hang it on the door. They were $2 for a 2pck.

This is my first "Nifty Thrifty" that I have put together using NOTHING from the thrift store. And still managed to save a lot.
The plain 24in. wreath is from Target, I bought a tube of mini-bulb ornaments there as well for $1. (They were in the front in the little dollar section of knick-knacks every Target store has). And the white ribbon I used to make the bow, I already had at home.

The monogram is made totally out of materials I already had at home. I used cardboard from a diaper box to make the actual "D". Oh, and duct tape.. CAMO duct tape at that. haha. (left over from Jeff's homecoming). After I had the shape I wanted, I covered it in Modpodge, then ripped up scrapbook paper scraps (black, white, and red), and then another coat of Modpodge. Originally I had planned for that to be it's finished look.. but my OCD kicked in and I couldn't stand that it didn't have some sort of pattern. So I wrapped silver ribbon all around it (The kind you tie to balloons). And then stuck some scrapbook stickers on it spelling "D-A-V-I-S".

 mini ornaments, the "D", and the bow are all hot-glued onto the wreath. And WAAAAA-LAA!


  1. Your D is way better than my L! hahaha

  2. I like it and what project is complete without a little duct tape. And I like the suction cup idea... may have to use it myself :)