Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lots of Stuff Today

I think we'll start today with some photos. Jack and I ventured to grandpa Kevin's house today, to do some laundry and visit with him. It had been way too long since they had seen each other and they played until they tuckered out! The funniest thing was that they were both snoring!

Last Thursday included a trip to Aunt Kelly and Unlce Tom's house to pick up some stuff. Ethan and Jack are almost always happy to see each other and finally have someone their own size to play with. But in this particular stretch of time, Ethan was very hungry and his mama was not moving fast enough. He started crying. Jack stared at him for a second, and then reached over and stuck his hand in Ethan's mouth. I guess he was tired of hearing that crying! haha

Now that we're all caught up on some cuteness, on with some news. A deployment update made it's way into my inbox today. The weather there is back up into the 90s on the FOB, and their only expecting it to get hotter. But being in theater for 8 months as opposed to just arriving has allowed them to prepare for the heat a little more efficently this summer. They have ice readily available and refridgerators stocked with water waiting for our boys, should they need it, and I'm sure they will. Like with every deployment, there have been rumors about redeployment circulating back at Fort Lewis, but the update concurs with the original orders 365 days. Please be aware, that this timeline is an estimate for homecoming, and does not reflect the exact date that Jeff will be returning stateside. CPT is recommending that no plans be made just yet and reassures us that he will let us know about any information he can, as soon as possible. I won't quote the rest of the email, because in my opinion it's written in quite a negative tone. It says we should focus on the last 25% of deployment, and not our soldiers' homecoming. I'm not usually ignore advice from an FRG update... but I'm for damn sure going to be focusing on Jeff's homecoming for the next couple months.

For those of you that ordered from my mom's Silpada jewelry party, she closed it today! So we should be recieving our goodies within a short time. I'm so excited to see my jewelry. I ordered some very cute two-toned earrings. I lost my favorite pair last month. I also ordered a two-toned ring with a cross on it and a 3 pack set of smaller more simple earrings. Hopefully they are as beautiful as they were in the catalog. I consider my order my early Happy Easter present from Jeff :) hehe. Thanks, dear. You're soooo thoughtful! ;)

Dinner was a gift from my dad today. Bob Evans, very yummy. Man, I'm going to miss that place when I go back to Washington. Speaking of moving, I will be calling the Fort Lewis housing office tomorrow morning and speaking with them about a move in date. So I should be able to give everyone an exact date Jack, Luna, and I will be departing Ohio after that phone call.

Closing the blog with some good grades sounds like a good idea, too bad I don't have any... Just kidding! I got a B on my Nutrition final today! I was not expecting a grade higher than a C, so I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My Sociology final is on the schedule for the coming week and then I will be done with Spring Session A! I'm still undecided in my attendence for next session. As soon as the decision is made, you all will be the first to know! Well second to know, after Jeff of course. Love to all and goodnight!


  1. Ethen and Jackie are going to be go friends when they grow up.
    From:Alex Hettinger

  2. Kate, I agree with you! Most of that FRG update was crazy negative...of COURSE we'll be concentrating on our men's homecoming, it's what gets us through the days! pshhhh