Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just as good the second time

Picked up my copy of The Twilight Saga: New Moon today. I must say I was very impressed all over again. Bella is so frustrating. How anyone can stand there and look at Jacob and chose Edward over him is beyond me. I'd much rather have the Jacob's warmth (among other things) than Edward's coldness. Not only is he cold to the touch, but cold describes his personality too! To each their own but I'm definitely Team Jacob when it comes to The Twilight Saga. But, when it comes to my life, I'm team JEFF!

Has anyone else been loving this sunshine? It just starts my day off right, when I can wake up to the warmth and light coming through my windows. I went with mom and Avery to a place in Circleville called "The Weekend Outlet." For lack of a better way to explain, it's much like a cross between a Goodwill, Ollie's, and a big yard sale. I bought a few odds and ends, including summer shorts for Jack, a pair of shorts for me, and a car charger for my cell phone. We enjoyed lunch on the patio at Sonic after shopping and headed home so mom could make it in time to pick up Max from dress rehearsal. (His play is next weekend, be sure to see a showing!). Jack was snoozing in his carseat when we arrived, so I took advantage and cleaned out my car of trash and things that needed to go inside. I had planned on taking it to the carwash to be cleaned inside and out, but they were closed for the day when I passed by so that will have to wait until tomorrow. We went to the flood wall and met Erin and her mama to walk a while and chat, but our walk was cut short by Jack's hungry whining. A stop at Sams Club for apple juice and milk, and we headed home. A surprise visit by Troy, Ramalee, and Alex made our day! We have missed them and were very happy to hear their knock on the door. It was great to catch up on what's been going on in their lives, and update them on ours. They left about 8pm and Erin and I were too hungry to cook, so we had dinner at Frisch's. But, as usual, we highly overestimated our stomach capacity and barely finished half the food on our table.

We finished the night with A New Moon screening and I worked on some more vacation plans with Kaylee! It's looking like we will be taking a trip to San Antonio, Texas at the end of April sometime. We are very excited and can't wait to work out the details and finally hang out! We're also excited for our boys to meet. Kaylee's son, Parker, is not much younger than Jack. Kaylee, once again I want to say I'm SO excited! I hope you are too. I think this will be a good way to get our minds off deployment a little bit, as I've heard time slows way down towards the end.

Sorry for lack of creativity in today's blog. It's late and as you can see we've had a busy day, so I'm exhausted. Love to all!


  1. That's funny, I watched New Moon last night too! I agree, Bella is stupid. hahaha Phil took me to see it when he was on R&R and I thought that he was going to slit his wrists...he HATES these books and movies...but guess what? Eclipse comes out ON HIS BIRTHDAY lol! poor guy

  2. Thats hilarious. Jeff is not a fan either. But June 30th is also my mama's birthday! I'm sad I won't be here to take her to see it!