Sunday, February 14, 2010

4th Valentine's Day Together, 4th Valentine's Day Apart

Don't you love my idiom title today? Today marks Jeff and I's fourth Valentine's day as a couple. It also marks our fourth Valentine's day spent apart. Maybe next year will finally be our lucky year and we'll get to spend celebrate together. A girl can dream, eh?

My lovely husband, even though he's half a world away, sent me a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. He meant for them to be a surprise but ended up having to tell me to go check my door because the stupid flower deliver-ers just left my poor beauties sitting outside in the freezing cold, on my doorstep. Luckily, they were unharmed. Just to know that my hubby was thinking of me was enough happiness for my Valentine's day. Jeff received his Valentine's box a couple of days earlier. He said he enjoyed it and loved everything that was in it. He said he even loved the red shiny wrapping paper and glittery pink & white hearts that lined the box!


  1. Haha my husband says his FOB is covered in different confetti and hearts that us wives filled the care packages with!

  2. SO glad you received flowers from your hubby! I know what you mean with your idiom. It's been the same way for us too, the last three years. I love reading your blogs. It's nice to know I don't stand alone and there are wives out there that "get it." Saying prayers for you!