Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thankgiving 2014

Being as this was our last U.S. Thanksgiving for at least two years, we feel so blessed to have had such a good time with family and friends!


The week before we had friends come to Fort Campbell to visit us. We are so blessed that they travelled so far just to see us. The boys were so excited, the absolutely love Tyler and Jenna. Jenna has been my best friend since high school and when Tyler came into her life, it was an instant connection between he and our boys. He is their best friend (other than each other) for sure. They love our children like we do and I hope they know how much they mean to us and our little family. We had a great time while they were here. We went to see Big Hero 6 (such a great movie!). We also spent hours playing Dominoes and Cranium after the boys went to bed at night. A low key weekend, but that's definitely our style. Seeing Jenna have to act out "toaster" in a game like charades and hearing Tyler scream "BREAD ROCKET!" as if it made perfect sense was priceless. You are never living that one down, Tyler! (:




In preparation for moving to South Korea in the dead of winter, I've been "winterizing" my wardrobe a bit. I found this awesome coat at Kohl's. I LOVE it! It's so warm, it's waterproof, and it had a hood with fur.



I also finished the hat for myself that I talked about here.


Thanksgiving in Ohio was great. We spent time with both sides of our family, ate lots of food, and cherished (almost) every moment. Jack barfed on Thanksgiving morning from congestion, I didn't really cherish that.

I didn't take many photos because everyone else was snapping so many, but I did manage to catch Pop-Pop sleeping on the job. Hehe. PS. Boy 2 looked so handsome that day but he promptly stripped his adorable button-down shirt off as soon as he started playing with cousins and got sweaty. And see that jar he's holding? Aunt Michelle let him go to town on some M&Ms. No wonder the boys love family holidays!


The best part of my Thanksgiving came when I was least expecting it. Boy 1 got home from school on Wednesday and I got his folder out of his backpack just like I always do. I immediately felt the tears welling up in my eyes when I opened it and saw what was inside.


At only five years old, he has seen more in this world than some adults have ever seen. And he's about to embark on an even bigger journey. Despite all that he's seen, all that he's been through in his little life, he us thankful for US. How can that be? This little boy is nothing short of a gift from God. He and his brother have been our strength through some very tough times. We thank God every day for them. And yet, at five years old he feels thankful for us. That is amazing. God is so good.







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