Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Word Vomit Wednesday

Mr. Soldier has been working really long days/nights lately. We always try to count our blessings because he is home with us. But our family loves spending time together so, it hits everyone really hard when daddy is away more than normal. Luna included. Right around dusk, she parks herself at the front door and waits to greet Mr. Soldier as he comes in.

Our first shipment is going out in three weeks. A lot has to be done before then. I texted this photo to a friend and she said "Even your mess is organized!" Guilty as charged. I love organization. At the moment, I'm separating shipments. Everything must be declared into one of five categories:

1. Luggage 
2. Unaccompanied Baggage 
3. Household Goods
4. Storage
5. Donate/Sell
6. Ohio (important/irreplaceable things that we'll leave with family)

The first two have low weight limits so they have to be planned meticulously. So I have to separate those things and then everything else that needs to go to Korea goes in #3: Household Goods. However, Household Goods goes out first. So all this separating has to be done now so we don't forget anything we'll need in Korea. But alas, if we do, we'll find a Daiso (Korean Dollar Store) or an Emart (Korean Walmart) near by and I'm sure we can get what we need. Right, mom? Right, okay (:

I had the opportunity to crochet these super cute hats for a neighbor. She gave birth to twin boys a few months ago and they are going to look so cute for Halloween. We even sized them big enough so they can wear them all winter. Thinking my own boys may need some of these (: Though I've got many projects lined up. Another little of one of my neighbors asked for a pink owl hat specifically, and I think I'll go ahead and make two more for her siblings as well.

And my next "me" project, will be this super cute slouchy beanie.
 I donated (AKA let a co-worker borrow and she never returned) my beloved navy one last spring :( Oh well, must be a sign I needed an updated one. Maybe different buttons, though.

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