Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday (Travel Edition)

In planning our overseas traveling, my wish list just keeps getting longer. Things I think will make our lives easier, are necessities, or some things are just plain cute! 

First up, I need carry on. One that will allow me to have my hands (mostly) free and NOT a rolling one because I'll be pushing Boy 2 in the stroller. Enter, Vera Bradley. It's washable, no wheels, and it's squishy, so we'll be able to use it as a big pillow for naps in the airports. We have a 8 hour layover in Seattle that we have to stay in the airport for, (military flights make you check in 4-6 hours early). 
Vera Bradley Weekender in Plum Crazy ($98, hoping to buy this on sale!)

And of course my hubby is going to need a carry on too. Well, he already has a small carry-on suitcase, this will be his "personal item".
Merona Men's Canvas Messenger Bag from Target ($18.74)

For my own "personal item", I have been swooning over this bag. It's highly recommended by many frequent international flyers and their go-to for their personal item. There are many color options, but the black looks so classic, I may stick with it or the navy blue color. I hope to find this on ebay for a decent price. If not, I may look into cheaper alternatives.
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote via Nordstrom ($145)

Boy 1 already has an iPad Mini & Boy 2 will be receiving one for Christmas so headphones to watch movies and play games are going to be a must for them. I'm sure they would love this design.

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