Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 188 Pt 2: The Happier Post

I told y'all I'd always be honest around here (:
So now that my worries are spewed out.. 

Today started with Jack's voice saying "Mom, seriously I need your help. I can't find the ipad anywhere." So of course, I told him he looked tired and needed to lay down some more. That lasted about 4 seconds. I laid and listened to his ramblings about the "shun" being awake and how he had school today and how I needed to pack extra clothes for him because he likes the water table but he won't pee in his undies, he promises. At about 8:40 I remembered that I had to get Luna to the groomer by 9. Cue: supermom mode. Both kids dressed, equipped with snack bags of cereal and cups, and in the car in ten minutes. BAM. I did almost forget Luna though. Oops

After I dropped Luna off, my friend Nicole texted me with magic words. "Christmas rolls!" she said. AKA cinnamon rolls. 'Christmas rolls' is what her son Corbin calls them and pancakes are ram-cakes. haha. I stopped at her house for coffee and those glorious things. Let me just say that between her two boys and my two boys, the only time things are ever (kind of) quiet is when there's food being eaten. The tricky part is finding a food that everybody likes. But not surprisingly, christmas rolls are a hit. So our coffee was thoroughly enjoy in (somewhat) peace and quiet this morning. 

Coffee was following by a quick lunch and a few chores at home and then we were off on another adventure. Jonah and I dropped Jack off at school, we went to pick Luna up. She looks adorable as always. I think mini-schnauzers are one of those breeds that stay cute like puppies for their whole lives. Or maybe I'm just biased, but seriously Luna IS cute. She's all ready for daddy to come home and give her an unhealthy amount of cuddles, like I'm sure he will. 

This afternoon I had my first "online meeting" with my professor. Very cool that she opts for this versus a physical meeting, definitely helpful for those of us that have children and require babysitters most the time. I think she may be my favorite professor yet. She is eager to help her students, very clear on her policies, and she is very personable. Maybe it's because this is only my second semester, but I still found it amusing that my professor used a smiley and LOL when we were chatting. 

The highlight of my day was finally getting to meet this princess:

My friend Jackie welcomed miss Brynzee to the world about two weeks ago. Some of you might remember that her husband deployed with Jeff last fall. I'm happy to be able to say that daddy was able to get home to see his baby girl be born. Stories like theirs make my faith in the Army a little stronger. Someone somewhere took the steps necessary to get this precious girl's daddy home for her, That's the best gift the Army can give any baby, their parent.

Brynzee is so tiny, she was swimming in her preemie clothes. She's up to about 6 pounds now I think Jackie said. I had flashbacks of when my sister Avery was little (well littler). I don't think you realize how little they are/were, until they grow bigger. Little Miss B is the sweetest thing, she barely made a peep during the hour that I cuddled her. Jackie said I was lucky that daddy wasn't home, that he is a "baby hog." More daddies should be that way. Nothing more precious than a daddy and his baby, that's for sure. 

All I can say is that it's a good thing I already got the "too bad you have baby fever, it ain't happenin'" depo shot... because if anything will give you baby fever, it's this girl. 

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