Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 89: Treading Water

You know that part of your life that just always seems to be out of whack. Yeah, I kind of feel like all of the parts of my life are like that right now. 

I understand that it's normal for a wife to feel frazzled during her husband's deployment. But it's too the point that sometimes I just laugh at myself because of all the things I forget. 

Plates I have currently spinning:

1. Keeping my babies happy. Always number one on my list.

2. Being a loving, connected wife to my far away husband (i.e. mailing care packages, reserving time to chat with him, writing letters).

3. Keeping up with my ever-messier house. These boys could make a mess in a completely empty room, I swear.

4. Running my "business". I say it like that because I really it's just a hobby that other people just happened to take interest in. Link to my crochet shop, the yellow palm tree.

5. Making sure I (and the boys) remember and make it to all doctor's appointments. I'm failing at that. I missed one last week and I just found out that Jonah is late for one of his immunizations. Great!

6. Eat, sleep, shower. I suppose I should have this on the list. Yes folks, my memory is getting that bad. 

7. Insert random annoying tasks that need done here... Oil change for Talulah, finish Christmas shopping, washing machine cleaned, grocery shopping, call my high school for transcripts, bang head against wall become wonderwoman.

8. (Place saved for the things I am inevitably forgetting).

Our day wasn't too bad. Last night Jonah woke up screaming for daddy, followed by Jack waking up asking for water. So we didn't roll out of bed this morning until around 10am! That's crazy late in this house. It was nice to sleep in but when I woke up I definitely had that small heart attack every mother gets when they wake up before their kids and don't hear them in their rooms. 

This afternoon, two of my best girlfriends and I decided to have a "craft night." I worked out crochet orders, Nicole worked on a Christmas present, and Jackie made super cute hats and baby pants from old sweaters. So adorable. It was so good to sit and talk with Jackie and Nicole. And the boys always have a blast playing in her playroom with all the toys they don't have at our house. 

I didn't get to talk to my husband much today. Busy days make me miss him. Well, all days make me miss him. But days where we can't talk much always make me more sad. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up to a "good morning" message from a special someone (:

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