Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blessed Little Boys

The past week has left me wondering how I got so lucky to have such wonderful family. Jack and Jonah will never need for love. They are so very loved by many people.

My mom and sister came to visit last week to help out while daddy was in the field. I think my mom and I totally under-estimated the noise level 3 children can create. Jack and Avery spent HOURS riding circles around my house on Jack's two ride-on toys... and playing "toss the ball"... and fighting over a certain toy.. and then fighting over a different toy. And poor Avery tends to get the crappy end of the deal most the time, as Jack is just learning the concept of sharing. We only ventured out once all together, and that was for Steak n' Shake.
All the chaos was worth it though. Even though we're 14 years apart, I think we'll be silly and have fun together.

After mama and Avery left, Jeff's family got to town later that evening. They were here for the weekend and we had a fabulous time. They some really adorable Harley Davidson shirts for the boys. Jonah's reads "From cradle to chrome!" haha. We ate at Cracker Barrel, where uncle Justin and Jack tested out all the rocking chairs.

We took them to the museum here on Fort Campbell (which was also my first trip there). It was pretty cool to see all the history of the 101st Airborne Division and all that they've done over the years. After that we headed over the splash park to let the kids play, where Aunt Lauren helped Jack get used to the water (he spent most the first 20 minutes clinging to her leg and running from the water).

And most importantly Jonah got all the attention and love he could handle from his grandparents and aunt and uncle.
[The Davis boys: Jeff, Jack, Justin, Jonah, and John (Jacob is missing)]

We hope both my family and and Jeff's had a great time visiting, because we sure enjoyed their company!
We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and family.

As I mentioned before, my best friend Erin was here the whole week of Jonah's birth. She stayed at home with Jack while we were in the hopsital and just did whatever we needed her to do. Jack had a great time (as always). He loooooves you Erin. Oh, and she also made some adorable tye dye shirts for the boys.
And a few days after Jonah was born, my dad and brother came to visit! They brought tons of stuff for Jonah, and for Jack too! So yes dad, thank for the third set of blocks that ends up all over my floor every day (:

[Said blocks are seen here, with grandpa Kevin and his grandsons]

Jack and Jonah, you are two lucky little boys.

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