Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Facts

Because I've been away so long, I will be listing things about our life that have become noteworthy in the past few weeks. To write a blog that flowed properly among paragraphs would just be too difficult at this point.

1. We have recieved a Mail Stop Date for Jeff. DO NOT send any mail through the U.S. Postal Service after May 15, 2010. You may still send emails and communicate via Facebook, but just no post mail.

2. Easter Bunny was good to Jack, he got sunglasses, baby food, a stuffed ducky, bowls and spoons, a stuffed bunny and outfit from Grandpa Kevin, and a few outfits from Grandma Laura & Papaw John. Luna also got an Easter basket with chew bones, a new squeaky toy, and some gourmet meals.

3. April 7th-10th Jack and I made the trip to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to see our very much missed Ashley! She graduated on April 9th from Basic Combat Training and is now on to Fort Lee, Virginia for her AIT training. Congratulations Ashley!

4. Jack had a check up on April 14th, he weighed 16 pounds 4 ounces and was 27 inches long. He is in the 10th percentile for his weight, and 50th percintile for his heigth. The pediatrician was not worried at all about his weight and neither am I. I just have to stick to my guns when his medical care is turned over to Madigan Army Medical Center. I have heard they are picky about their babies' weights.

5. Next week, Jack and I will be leaving Tuesday for San Antonio, Texas!! We are meeting our friends Kaylee and Parker there for vacation. Parker is just about Jack's age so they will have a blast, and Kaylee and I are great friends and I can't wait to see her! Kaylee's mama is also coming along to help with the boys, so it will be a great trip. Look for updates next week!


This is the news I have been anxiously avoiding revealing to my readers (who are mostly friends and family from Ohio). We have been approved for our apartment in Washington! The date is much earlier than expected, but we are happy to have the stress of finding our home out of the way...

Jack, Luna, and I will be driving to Washington. We will be leaving on the morning of May 13th.

To our Ohio families- We love you and will miss you all.
To our Washington families (Jeremy, Marcy & the boys... Emma, Shirley, Haley, Trevor, Katie and Erik & the rest of your family)- We can't wait to see you!
To Daddy- This is a step closer to you! :)


  1. Yay for moving back to WA!! :-) Can't wait!

  2. I gave you a blog award! Check out my page for it and the rules that go along with it :-)