Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's the slacker? Right here, here I am!

Woah. What has it been? 22 days since I wrote? Yikes, sorry guys. Things have been pretty normal around here lately. We're keeping up with the same routine, here on the homefront and around the world on the FOB too. I'm just going to break this up into sections today. 

He is now just over 4 months old! Crazy, isn't it? I still can't get my mind around it sometimes. He had his well check-up with Dr. Jane-Wit yesterday and recieved his immunizations as well. He weighed in at 13 pounds 15 ounces and he is 26 inches long. His weight is in the 25th percentile for his weight, and the 75th for his length. The doctor gave the okay to start spoon-feeding cereals. She followed by saying we should stick with each one we try for at least a week to see if there's any reaction (such as a food allergy or something along those lines). Jack can now roll over from stomach to his back. And he is holding his head up like he's been doing it for years. His legs are getting stronger and readying for the crawling he'll be starting soon and his favorite thing is probably still his swing. However, he's really got into watching movies with Mama lately. He loved the Transformers movie. (Congratulations Daddy, he is a Optimus Prime fan for sure). He's very ticklish and loves to listen to Mama read him books. Thank you to everyone that gifted him a book for Christmas. It means so much to Jeff and I will have the resources to teach our son to love reading and books as much as we do. The biggest (and cutest) development Jack has achieved recently is... laughing!

Everyone will be happy to know that Jeff has been able to pass out blankets to everyone in his platoon! And not only that but he's been able to supply first platoon with blankets too. Now, almost everyone in the battery is supplied with a blanket. Jeff says that they have nothing but good things to say about them. From the soldiers serving there and from their families here too, we would like to extend our deepest thank you to the family and friends that helped make this possible. And a big thank you to my mama, Beth. She organized this and has been working hard to make sure the blankets get sent and the soldiers are taken care of. On a different note, Jeff has recently had the opportunity to change up his schedule a little bit. He was on a convoy detail for a while. Although convoys aren't really any more fun than gun line shifts, I think he was happy to just get a break from the same old, same old.

Ah, where to start. We'll start with the the bad. I've had to start seeing a chiropracctor for some back pain I've been having since I gave birth to Jack. At my first appointment, Dr, Brandon Hanes with Hanes Chiropractic out of Chillicothe, Ohio, did a couple of scans and an xray to see what the problem was. He told me that I have a curved spine, pinched nerves in my lumbar spine, and also osteo-arthritis. We are hoping with many treatments and home exercises that it can be repaired and my pain will go away. Because of the severity, he scheduled me to come in every other day since my first appointment last Saturday. Tomorrow is a week from that appointment and it will be my fourth visit. I am getting re-scanned tomorrow to see if the treatments have helped at all. Prayers please!
On, a lighter note, I'm gearing up to start my second session of class at Coastline College. My first day is February 2nd. I recently got my books in the mail and I'm taking Nutrition and Sociology. I'm pretty excited about the Nutrition class. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two about eating right, or maybe even three! That would definitely help me on my weight-loss journey.

Nothing else is really going on with the Davis family. We are a little over halfway done with deployment and couldn't be happier about that. We love our new addition to the family, Luna. She is fitting in just right and she and Jack are best buddies. We are still waiting on orders to see where we will be stationed when Jeff redeploys home. There is about a 65% chance that we will be staying at Fort Lewis in Washington but you never know! We will find out soon enough I suppose.

Bye for now and Love to all!

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  1. our little man is getting so big!!! And I really hope that your back gets better soon babe. And again thanks to everyone who has sent a blanket out.