Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cold = Unhappy Kate

I hate the cold weather we've been having so much that my detest for it was worthy of the title today. I'm finding myself missing Washington more than ever, soley because it's 45 degrees there today. It's sunny there today too! Mother nature is taunting me. You know what the temperature here in Ohio is today? 28. Yep, 28 degrees. But oh wait, let's not forget that the "feels like" temperature is 15 degrees. The worst part is that it looks warm outside. (Another example of mother nature's despise for me).

I'm shocked to report that at 4 and a half months old, our little Jack is wearing 6 month clothing. He's actually almost to tall for it. We might have a basketball player on our hands here folks! But, he does have those "catcher" genes in him somewhere so I'm sure he'll just be a tall baseball player. Or hey, maybe even both.

After talking to Jeff while I was feeding Jack lunch today, we are both at a loss as to how to get our son to swallow some cereal (or anything for that matter) from a spoon. I know it takes time, and I know he doesn't have to start just yet. But we've been at it for a week now, and he wants no part of it. I've also tried applesauce, and that's obviously not hitting the spot either. I guess he will get it eventually. He's just so darn stubborn. I think he takes after his daddy! Or better yet, he takes after Jackie James #1!  :)

I start back to school on Monday. I can already tell that this quarter is going to be harder than the first. In a way, I'm sort of happy about that. I feel like my fall quarter classes didn't really challenge me much. I haven't looked at my Nutrition class page yet, but I did look at my Sociology page and our final paper topic will be analyzing an event that happened the year we were born. So get those brains a-thinking for me!

In other and finals Davis family news, I got an email from the FRG today. They have met with LTC about redeployment and and post-deployment leave. Right now we are still looking at a 12 month deployment. We will know more when the replacements for Jeff's unit arrive in theater. The word is that about 3 weeks after they get there, our guys will be able to redeploy! When they come home they will have a couple days off work completely, and then they will do half days in order to get paperwork, shots, counseling, etc. done. After those two weeks are over, block leave will start! Our block leave will be 3 weeks long.

All this talk about reployment makes me so happy! It means that it's happening pretty soon! Alright, my mom is yelling at me because I'm going to be late for my chiropractor appointment so I better go before I get my butt whooped. That's all for now.

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