Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Big Announcement

I stated a couple days ago on my Facebook, that I had made a big life decision and to stay tuned to find out. Well, I think I've let my readers suffer long enough. This may not be as big of an announcement as you were hoping for or expecting, but its important to me. I have decided to commit to losing weight! I am committed to succeeding. I have never said these words before, for fear of failing. But I will not fail this time. I'm self-confident and excited and the time just feels right to start my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What difference does this make to you, you ask? I believe fully in helping others as well as yourself. I tried for days to think of something I could do to help others along my journey. I kept running around the idea that other people are probably struggling just like I am. Struggling to actually commit and say out loud "I want to and will lose weight." The thought came to my head while I was having a pretty rough day. I was feeling very alone, and was in need of some motivation. My thoughts quickly turned to my online community of army wives at and how I loved reading their stories because it made me feel like I was never alone. There was always someone going through a similar situation to mine out there, and just reading their stories made me feel much better. That night I started yet ANOTHER blog in addition to this one. Except, this new blog is devoted soley to my weight loss and the inspiration for other's weight loss struggles. I hope you all will continue following my life here, and find the time to read about my "deployment mission of my own" as I've come to call my newly started journey.

Here's to a long, hard, and hopefully rewarding next six months and beyond. Love to all!

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