Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long Day

We started our day at 8am today. I wasn't really feeling well this morning, but it passed as the day moved on. We got to talk to daddy online and enjoyed a morning and afternoon with uncle Max. Maxwell was a big help to have around today. You can tell how much he just loves Jack. He hates when Jack cries and always wishes he could fix him. He also fixed me lunch today! Woo, my little brother rocks!

Upon taking a walk to the North River Place Apartments office to get our mail I discovered an envelope waiting to make me smile! A letter from Afghanistan, my favorite return address! I love getting mail, especially from my husband. It just makes my whole day. We returned to Apt D9 and Max and I played some cards. I kicked his butt, of course!

Adam came to see Jack and I today and I am so glad! Oh, I've missed him so! He looked good and was 30 pounds lighter. Basic training will do that to you I guess. I'm happy to see that he is happy. I hope he can find some peace here now. And the best part of his visit.. he agreed to make me some lasagna one night! WOO! I can't wait.

My dad came to pick up Max and visited with Jack for a couple minutes. After that Jack and I headed to Sam's Club to meet my mama and Avery. They needed pretzel chips, of course. I just tagged along to see what I could find. I bought a cooking magazine that was highlighting the top 100 holiday cookies/treats of this year. I hope to try some of these out very soon. We went to dinner at Bob Evans following our shoppin and Hannah and Aunt Kathy showed up too. Our food took quite a long time to get to us, which we were not happy about. Shopping for an hour makes for hungry stomaches! But eventually we tasted long awaited nourishment and enjoyed every last bite. I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things I had forgotten the night before. Now exhausted Jack and I headed home, finally.

Ashley called and asked if she could come see her boy tonight, and of course I told her yes. She came over to find a sleeping Jack in his swing and waited and waited and waited for him to wake up. You can bet at the first sign of fussing, she was there to comfort his every worry. Jeff got back online after just waking up across the world. We got to chat with him for a couple hours and Ashley fed and put to sleep my baby boy. I'm thrilled to say that he is a much happier little boy at feeding times thanks to his new soy formlua, Similac Isomil.

Now, Jack is sleeping in his crib like the big boy he is and I am soon heading to my bedroom to lay my head as well. Prayers go out to a woman named Kelly and her daughter tonight. She is a friend of my friend Kyra and is going through some rough times dealing with illness in her daughter. Remember your blessings everyone, life itself is the biggest blessing of all. Love to all and goodnight!

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  1. love you. really enjoy your posts. corn flake chicken looked yummy. hang in there. you are doing good...and when you are not, i am here.