Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jonah Gets Staples

We have become quite the regulars at the hospital here. 

Jeff has had appointments off and on for a month or so. All for a blood clot that developed in his leg as a result of traveling to Hawaii and back twice and Dallas and back once.

I've had the normal OB appointments to check on peanut.

Jack had a nasty virus a few weeks ago.

Jonah got an ear infection from having a blast in Hawaii swimming every day. 

And yesterday.....

Jonah got his first set of staples! 

Yep, my sweet boy had to get two staples in the back of his head. 

He was playing in a basket full of blankets that we have in our living room and fell backwards onto the ledge of our giant living room window. 

He's lucky he didn't knock himself out. He came running in crying and of course the first thing I did was open my arms and hug him. To which I got a handful of blood from the back of his head. 

Talk about scary!
And of course this would happen before daddy gets home from his training. 

We were able to get the bleeding stopped a little bit and headed to the ER. After cleaning him up they finally found the source and it was much deeper than they had originally anticipated. The doctor said that stitches would have been much harder to do and said they would just staple it and it would be quick and easy. 

So after some lidocaine, that's what they did. 

He is feeling much better today, thank goodness. 
Never a dull moment. 

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