Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boy Weekend

I can't say this weekend has been ALL about boys for us, but mostly. (I guess that happens when you are .. well.. you and the dog are the only girls in the family). But I don't mind.

Friday night Jeff came home from work, changed his clothes and went to his first flag football practice! He is pretty excited about playing in the league. He played for 3 years while stationed at Fort Lewis and he loved it. I'm happy he's found something that makes him happy here. Jack and I decided, since daddy was doing something "sporty" we would too!

He loves the tee ball set we got him for his birthday! He has played with it practiced so much, that he doesn't even need help much anymore. Occasionally he knocks the tee over while hiting the ball, but I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose because he cracks up laughing immediately after. What can I say, "boy" is his name and being destructive is his game.

Jeff got home from practice and had injured his foot. He wore his vibrams to practice ...
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And... someone (wearing cleats) stomped on his foot. From the looks of things, this someone was at least 300 pounds. Needless to say, neither the shoe or his foot held up very well. He was in so much pain he couldn't finish his dinner, so we decided to head to the ER to make sure nothing was broke. Thank you Nicole for watching our boys! The doctor he saw ended up being a doc he worked with at his FOB in Afghanistan.. Small world huh? Doc said he thought he may have a "liz frank fracture"? I wonder if Liz Frank got her foot stomped on too? But Doc wanted a second opinion. So get this... they sent the x-ray off to Austrailia to be reviewed? Seriously, there was no one closer than Austrailia? Whatever. I just that was odd, and sort of amusing. Anyways, Mr. Austrailian dude came back with a message saying the foot was not broken. So Jeff got sent home with crutches and some pain meds. He follows up with sick call Monday morning, we would appreciate prayers that he's healing fine (:

This morning was the Fort Campbell post wide yardsale. Can you say "Kate loves yardsales so much it's a little creepy?" I found a twin comforter set for Jack's room (bad news though, it smells like smoke :/ so hopefully we can get that out. If nothing else I can use the curtains that came with it.. It was cheap so whatever). Also found an old metal tonka truck for the boys. A laundry basket for Jonah's room, a really adorable jacket for Jack, and some carter's clothes for Jonah. That's a success in my book!

After yardsales and naps, we ordered pizza, and finished watching the Buckeyes game. Hey at least we didn't get shut out?! No fairweather fans in this house!
Brutus sings the OSU fight song too. Jonah loves him!

This evening we headed out to Lowe's in search of paint and more pea gravel for the front flower bed.. err... decorative gravel area? I'm not sure what the official term would be but it will look cute when finished. Jeff is still using at least one crutch to get around today. But no worries for daddy, his little man is there to help (:
They melt my heart!

We finally decided on a color for Jack's "car/truck/etc." room so we got a couple gallons, supplies, and headed out. But not before the cashier oogled over how cute Jack and Jonah were of course. Jonah smiled at her and Jack told her he was "two" and that Jonah was his "beebee" and that he had to go "bye byeeeee".  He's repeating everything lately. I love it! He sometimes catches me by surprise though, like yesterday when he said "cheeee pweeese" and brough me a slice of cheese to open for him..

The car ride home was quite funny. Jack has a DVD player in the car. He has just recently started laughing out loud at tv/movies. So at least once every two minutes we heard "HAHAHAHAHA" from the back seat. Usually followed by some rambling about "MEL-MO" (Elmo).

We came home, got the boys to bed and put the first coat of paint on Jack's walls (Jack is sleeping in the pack and play in Jonah's room tonight). We have to do a second coat tomorrow but I love the color.
It's a light blue with a very subtle gray tint. It will be perfect to neutralize some of the bright colors we have going in the room. Tomorrow we aren't going to show Jack the room until it's all complete and put together. I can't wait! He's going to love it!

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  1. Hey Kate! Found a link to your blog on FB! I have used Rockin' Green to get out so many weird smells. If you want I can bring you some to try out. It's actually a cloth diaper detergent but it's eco friendly an awesome. We've been using it for a couple years and so far it's worked well with the water on post. Just let me know on the neighborhood fb page. K?