Friday, July 22, 2011

Everyday Life

When you are a military family the phrase "everyday life" seems non-existant in your vocabulary. You're never really living the typical every day life. Always planning for a training or deployment or celebrating that they just returned. Or getting settled in a new house at a new base.. or packing and getting ready to move. Add in normal life events like getting married, having a baby, having ANOTHER baby.. and there's really not much down time for "everyday life".

But what I've come to realize is that this chaos IS everyday life for us. And also I have realized, that in a weird way, I enjoy it. Sometimes the timing of things really stinks, but in the end I'm happy and my family is happy. And that's really all that matters right?

Now for an update on our "everyday life" (:

Jonah is 11 days old today. Wow, time is already flying. He couldn't be more precious. Sometimes I just stare at him in my arms and rub the dark hair on his head.. all I can think of is how much he looks like his daddy (which means he's adorable). Speaking of daddy, I have sooooo enjoying getting to see him with our baby boy. Seeing him talk to Jonah.. and rock him.. and fall asleep on the couch with him. It's those things he missed with Jack that melt my heart. He amazes me everyday (Jeff, that is) with how patient he is with both of our boys. I couldn't ask for a better daddy for them.

Jonah is eating about 3 oz every 3-4 hours. And still sleeping a lot in between. He's starting to sleep a little better during the night. During the first week, he was mistaking nighttime for party time. Silly boy! Unlike his big brother, he loves being cuddled. When he's being held, he curls into you and snuggles right up. Which is why we invested in one of these:
A Moby Wrap!
With an infant who wants to be held all the time, and a toddler that usually requires both my hands to be free, it's perfect for us.

Jack is learning more about being a big brother every day. As to be expected, we've definitely had our fair share of tantrums and battles.. but he's learning. Jeff and I  learned to pick our battles, focusing on one thing at a time.
Like this?
This battle I just let go.. lol.

And he's still just as silly as ever..
[He insisted on putting my foot on his face and saying "NOOOOOOSE!"]

Today was Jeff's first day back to work since Jonah was born. He wasn't supposed to return until Monday but.. it's the Army. So far, the boys and I are doing well. Trying to coordinate feeding times, and naptimes, and playtimes, it's the hardest part. It's good practice for us to get into a routine though. Lots of things coming up that will throw it off.. haha.
Jeff goes to the field next week and my mom and Avery are coming down to visit and help out. And then a few weeks later we head to Ohio for a few days for our "Meet Jonah" party (August  20th). AND THEN.. the week after that daddy leaves for Fort Polk, LA from August 28-September 30 :( The boys and I will miss daddy so much, we will probably be back and forth to Ohio during the month of September. Most definitely for Jack's birthday on the 17th at least!

Pheeww, makes me tired just thinking about it.
And just to brighten your day, lets end today's post with some baby smiles!

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