Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things that make us excited for Fort Campbell

Since we found out we're moving, Jeff and I have been constantly saying "And you know what else will be awesome when we move...(insert reason why moving to Fort Campbell is amazing)". So I've decided to write them down.

Things that make us excited for Fort Campbell

1. its six hours from home, hello!
3. SUN!!!!!! getting an actual tan in the summer
2. snow, sledding, building snowmen
3. The Corvette museum is close
4. Nashville is only an hour away
5. I can finally take Jeff to Dollywood, the Smokies, and Gaitlinburg
6. Friends and family will be able to come visit more often
7. Bob Evans, Steak and Shake, and Buffalo Wild Wings
8. It's in the Herr's potato chips distributing area
9. Seeing the leaves changed all around us in the fall
10. Being close to great friends (thats you Amber Easley and Amber Welton!)
11. The chance to have another cross country roadtrip

More to come when Jeff gets home and reminds me of all the random conversations about how happy we are and about what.


  1. And not only is the Corvette museum close, military (and their family) have free admission! :) (And if your husband is really into Corvettes, you can go over to the Corvette plant and take a nice to your tour guide. At the end, she/he will pick a person from the group to start a Corvette coming off the assembly line!)

  2. That's awesome, My husband would LOVE that. 67 corvette is his dream car. lol

  3. Aw I am so excited that you guys got a PCS that you can be excited about : ) It doesnt happen often!